Rayo and Trueno

Rayo, male, 3 months, 6.5 kilos

Trueno, male, 3 months, 5 kilos


Enjoying life a little more now out of danger.


Getting a little stronger each day in his foster home. But there have been some very worrying times.

Rayo & Trueno - very sick

Too sick to stand or play. Hopefully the treatment will start to work soon.

Rayo and Trueno

Friday 24 August we took in two pups. They were found on the street a day earlier. They are labrador-mix pups of 3 months, we've called them Rayo and Trueno. Both had a lot of flees and Trueno is very skinny. He has a mark on his neck where a tight cable must have been, Rayo has an old wound on the head. Less than a day after we took them in Trueno got very ill, he did not move and did not want to eat, play or drink. We took him to the vet on call in San Juan (thanks Lola for helping us) and it was discovered that he had a fever and big painful ulcers in his mouth. He had to stay the night and this morning the fever was almost gone and he looks a bit better. His brother Ray had diarrea so he has been treated this morning aswell, both now have antibiotics. Tomorrow we will go back to the vet to check that they are both improving. We hope that soon they will be strong enough to start with vaccination and with the search for a good home.Rayo weighs 6,5 kilos, Trueno 5 kilos. They are very sweet.

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