Pitufa is about one year old.


What must have happened to her to look this scared every time something moves?


It is clear she has never been inside a house and also that she was tied up because it caused her panic when you put on a collar.


With an harness she does want to walk a bit.


She is not home-trained and is very scared of cats.


But the good news is that her blood test was clear - no illnesses, only severe dehydration and undernourished - and that in her foster home they will try to take away those fears.

Pitufa found 9 January 2018

She has now put on some weight and is no longer so scared.

Slowly with the help of her foster family Pitufa is gaining weight and confidence - even with the cat.

Less scared every day

 Less scared every day Pitufa is now a healthy and playful young dog.

Looking interested in life - now

Pitufa loves to play with the other dogs - and cats

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