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Formulario de solicitud - gatos

Gracias por preguntar por uno de nuestros gatos. Por favor, vaya hacia abajo para encontrar nuestro formulario de solicitud.

Antes de empezar a rellenar el formulario, nos gustaría recalcar que adoptar un gato no es una decisión que deba tomarse a la ligera y aconsejamos encarecidamente que se considere esta decisión con detenimiento. Cuidar de un gato, un ser vivo que depende de ti, es una gran responsabilidad que tomas durante muchos años.

Formulario de solicitud
I would like to foster:

¡Gracias por enviar tu formulario de solicitud! Nos pondremos en contacto contigo lo antes posible.

Age restrictions apply to volunteer roles in accordance with our insurance cover, you will need to be 18 or over.

As a volunteer it is important that you understand your personal responsibilities towards your own health and safety and that of others around you.

If you do something that threatens or damages the reputation of APAC we will ask you to stop fostering immediately.

As a foster carer you must fully support the aims and objectives of APAC, including our approach to animal welfare.

In accordance with the provisions of the general data protection regulation, you are informed that your personal data supplied in this contract have been incorporated into the file held by the association. This data is held solely by the association whose purpose is to help abandoned animals.

You may request details of personal information which we hold about you and change or cancel personal data at any time.

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