Aguas is about 6 years old. She is a medium to large dog

Aguas came to APAC in 2014.

She was in a very bad state, suffering from leishmania.


She has been a long time with us and she now is a different dog to the one we first knew. She is healthy and peaceful, she gets along with most other dogs and is often used in the kennels to help other dogs to chill out.


She is sterilized, vaccinated and micro chipped.


She still needs some medication but is very healthy. She is very happy playing with the other dogs in the doggy hotel where she is taken care of, but she would really love a home and people of her own.

Adopt Aguas?

Aguas has been waiting a long while for the people who were going to adopt her to finalize everything but now it seems that they really do not want her. 

She has been with APAC a long time and is now very happy playing with the other dogs in the kennels but she would still love a proper home of her own.

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